Always our customer stands first

Our customers have to be able to trust us with complete faith to manage and help secure their financial futures. Our business is based on developing long-term relationships built on this trust. The way to build those relationships is by doing the right thing for our customers every single time.

Technical Support Policy

Target Solutions LLCManaged IT Services will be provided to you and every customer with Target Solutions LLCSolutions Inc. once the payment against your product purchase is confirmed and the first technical support is provided with-in 36 hours of payment. Based on your subscription the product will be delivered, periodic technical support is provided and the appointment for that will be scheduled by the customer support department.

We respect our employees.

We must always be a company of good, decent people who treat each other as they would want to be treated. Just as we are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our customers, we are a company built on relationships with each other - relationships within groups, across departments and business units, and increasingly across time zones, geographies, and cultures. Respecting these relationships is at the very core of how we must behave as people and as an organization.

Acting with integrity and honesty goes to the very essence of everything we do for our customers, and also to our respect for each other. Cutting a corner; not adhering strictly to the laws, regulations and ethics that govern our company; or not giving your best effort, tarnishes the company and, therefore, each of us. At the end of the day,integrity and honesty are what our company's name means, and that should mean everything to us. Target Solutions LLCalways been at its best when it's looking forward, innovating, and trying new things.

While we're always looking for the next big, the countless little things we can do each day to improve a Product, a Service, or a Process in other words - is at least as important. At Target Solutions LLC,ideas come from everywhere, not just from the top. So every bit is essential to coming up with a way to improve what we do and listening to those making the suggestions.

Manage All of IT from a Single Integrated Console

Dedicated system engineer to assist any issues raised or even help you in quick technology help requirements 24x7. You can consult any technology requirements you need connected to your managed devices.

Automated Systems Management

Automated Systems Management has hundreds of built-in automated processes such as monitoring, configuration changes, cleanup and maintenance routines, disk management, network testing and more.


Antivirus provides complete protection on networks and beyond from potentially dangerous programs and network attacks.

Audit and Inventory

Audit and Inventory performs fast, accurate and up-to-date scans of computers and servers. Deployable over the LAN, WAN, and Internet.

Backup implements

Backup implements real-time automated remote backup, disk imaging, file level remote backup and bare metal restore for Windows servers and workstations.

Desktop Migration

Desktop Migration automates the backup and collection of user settings. Redirect them to another machine and have them working with the same settings as before.


Discovery allows you to automatically find, categorize and see details on all network attached devices without requiring credentials or software deployed to each device and provides a unified view of the entire network..

Mobile Help Desk

Mobile Help Desk service desk management application for technicians and service desk managers who need access in the hallway or at home while ensuring escalation polices and incident remediation are properly followed.


Monitoring implements proactive, user-defined system monitoring with instant notification of problems or changes such as low disk space, processor spikes and memory issues.

Comparison on Top 5 tech support companies with Target Solutions LLC
Features Target Solutions LLC Geek Squad Target Solutions LLC i TOK.NET
Cost Comparison
One-Time Fixes (1 Month Validity) NA $49.99 $119.99 $49.99 $49.99 $188.00
Annual Subscription $259.00 $199.99 $179.99 $199.99 $239.88 $359.88
Setup Fee $0.00 $99.00 $60.00 $40.00 $49.99 $19.00
Number of PCs 1 1 1 1 1 1
Features Target Solutions LLC Geek Squad Target Solutions LLC Area (Km²)
Tech Services
Virus & Malware Removal          
Data Recovery
Browser & Internet Security
OS & Software Installation
Tune-Ups & Optimization
Windows & Mac Support
Peripheral Setup
Network Support
Onsite Networking
Remote Support
Active Monitoring
Data Backup
Live Connect
Patch Management
Policy Management
Mobility Management
Endpoint Management
Directory Services
Audit & Inventory
Network Monitoring
Time Tracking
Features Target Solutions LLC Geek Squad Target Solutions LLC Area (Km²)
Devices & Peripherals
Desktop Computers
Mobile Phones
Cameras & Camcorders            
Printers & Scanners
Features Target Solutions LLC Geek Squad Target Solutions LLC Area (Km²)
Service Features
Free Price Quote
Microsoft Certified
Cisco Certified
Mac Certified
Money-Back Guarantee
Encrypted Connection
Home Users
Small Business & Enterprises    
Tech Profiles
Free Antivirus
Multi-Language Support
U.S.-Based Support
Features Target Solutions LLC Geek Squad Target Solutions LLC Area (Km²)
Support Options
24 X 7 Support
Remote Support
Telephone Support                    
Live Chat
Online Account
Live Monitoring
Self-Help Tools
Online Ticketing